Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Academic Progress and Achievement


For purposes of determining a student's ability to remain in Apollos University, both quality of performance and progress towards the educational objective will be considered.  Imbedded in the university goals are measurable items related to student achievement both during their studies with the university and as a distinguished alumnus through the promotion of life-long learning and a focus on contributing back to their chosen field or profession.  Detailed instructions are provided in the catalog and in the Orientation Program to help applicants successfully navigate the application and orientation process while also providing answers to questions frequently asked by potential applicants and new students.  The catalog stipulates the allotted time students have to complete a degree (see Degree Maximum Time for Completion from the date the Student Enters the First Class).  Student Advisors work each student to ensure they are successfully progressing through the program.


Basic Policy on Student Progress and Achievement:


  1. Apollos University requires students to make satisfactory academic progress towards a degree to remain in good standing with the University. Satisfactory academic progress means the student is registering for and successfully completing at least one course each term.
  2. A student may petition for a leave of absence and, if approved, may upon return continue under the catalog requirements that applied to the enrollment prior to the absence. Each approved leave of absence may be granted for a maximum of 180 days. 
  3. A Leave of Absence Form, located in the Resources center of ATLAS, must be completed, and submitted to the Provost for review and approval.


Expectations of the Student


Students are required to maintain communication and participation within the classroom in order to ensure all to course completion requirements are finalized.  The students are expected to enter the classroom and actively participate a minimum of 3 days a week.  A student shall be subject to academic probation if he or she fails to maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 for undergraduate level students and 3.0 for graduate level students in all credits attempted after admission to the program.


Students who demonstrate substandard academic progress in the first 12 credit hours, may be academically dismissed (terminated) without a probationary period. 


Academic Probation


Upon the completion of a minimum of 12 semester hours, the student will automatically be placed on academic probation if the student’s cumulative GPA falls below the required minimum for a student in good standing status (2.0 in the undergraduate programs and 3.0 in the graduate programs).  A student placed on academic probation will remain in this status for 12 credit hours or a maximum of 2 terms. Students on academic probation are limited to taking a maximum of 6 credits per term.  After the 12 credits (maximum of 2 terms) on probation status, the student’s GPA is checked each term and if the GPA is below standard or there is no improvement toward the required program GPA, then academic dismissal (termination) action is initiated. 


Satisfactory progress requires the student either raise the cumulative GPA to an acceptable level or the student demonstrates progress toward earning an acceptable GPA during the probationary period as described below:


  1. If after completing 12 credit hours required during the probationary period, the student raises the cumulative GPA to 2.0 or higher for the undergraduate level or 3.0 or higher for the graduate level, the student’s status will be changed to Satisfactory.


  1. If the student’s GPA for the probationary period is 2.5 or higher for undergraduates or 3.5 or higher for graduates, but the student does not raise the cumulative GPA to the minimum 2.0 or higher for the undergraduate level or 3.0 or higher for the graduate level, a secondary probation period will begin. 


  1. If the student does not raise the cumulative GPA to the Satisfactory level, or meet the GPA stated in item “b” above, the student will be academically dismissed (terminated). 



Academic Dismissal (Terminated)

Apollos reserves the right to dismiss students whose academic progress is substandard.  Students who demonstrate substandard academic progress in the first 12 credit hours, may be academically dismissed without a probationary period.  Factors considered will include, but are not limited to, the number of failing grades, past academic performance, the number of withdrawn courses, and the probability of achieving satisfactory academic standing within a reasonable time frame.  Students are subject to academic dismissal (without probationary period) from the program for a full calendar year if their GPA falls below 1.0 or if they withdraw from the majority of courses within the last 12 credit hours. 


Student Reinstatement

A student who has been dismissed (terminated) may apply for reinstatement to the University four months after being dismissed. Requests for reinstatement must be made to the Registrar no later than one month prior to the start of the desired term in which the applicant wishes to resume classes.  A reinstatement committee will be formed and the reinstatement request will be reviewed by the committee but reinstatement is not automatic.  


Once reinstated, the student will return on an Academic Probationary status for a period of 12 credits or a maximum of 2 terms.  During this time, the student is expected to demonstrate academic progress.  If at the end of the probationary status period the student’s status is not changed to Satisfactory, the student will be dismissed (terminated).