Master of Science In Organizational Management

Degree Description

School of Business and Management
[MSOM] Master of Science In Organizational Management

The Master of Science in Organizational Management (MSOM) program is designed for students with a Bachelor’s degree in business, or a related field. The degree includes 37 Credits of graduate level courses which are designed to enhance the career opportunities as well as knowledge and skills of leaders and administrators. The program provides students with a core curriculum of in-depth leadership and organizational management topics. This MSOM degree program includes the key organizational leadership elements of ethics, motivation, creativity, vision, strategic planning, teamwork, group development, technology, customer service and organizational development.

The MSOM program is a professional degree designed to support the development of managers to ensure the organization’s staff is organized, trained, guided, and motivated in such a way as to reach their greatest potential. The MSOM provides a broad based perspective of organizational leadership and the student gains the knowledge and competencies needed to support the organization in its effort to fulfill its missions. Finally, the MSOM promotes opportunities for career advancement, employment mobility and lifelong learning opportunities for leaders of organizations.

Apollos University is committed to providing individuals with the highest quality of education needed to advance within their industry profession. The synthesis of technology (online methodology), critical thinking and practical application develops well-rounded leaders with a clear perspective of how to strategically position and lead an organization.

MSOM Program Outcomes:

The program objectives for the MSOM graduate are that they will be able to accomplish the following:
  • Demonstrate ethical decision making within the organization.
  • Demonstrate management competency within the cross cultural and/or global organization.
  • Analyze the theories and practices presented in the program in order to develop solutions for specific managerial situations found within the organizational environment.
  • Demonstrate leadership characteristics that lead to the operations of a motivated high performing organization.
  • Demonstrate the ability to assess staff competency and recognize when coaching, training, and providing compensation benefits are necessary to support the organization’s vision and mission statement.
  • Develop the ability to identify conflicts within the organization and be able to resolve them efficiently.
  • Predict the need for change in an organization and recommend best leadership practices for effective change management.
  • Classify the legal constraints of the employment relationship.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge to provide the necessary technologies and other tools which are available so the organization can deliver results within budget and on schedule.
  • Recommend when external expertise is required, for consultation, conflict management, or quality assurance.
  • Determine the unique needs of the organization's internal and external customers.
  • Formulate career advancing knowledge and skills as leaders and practitioners.


Master Level Mastery and application of quantitative and qualitative business research methodologies involving real world case studies and academic research assignments throughout the completion of the core curriculum of the master’s degree programs.