Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Degree Description

The BSIT degree provides a comprehensive experience for learning and application of information technology theories and concepts. The most important component of the program, the capstone project provides the students an opportunity to demonstrate competency and mastery of the knowledge gained throughout the program, along with learning and employing current technology trends.  The program prepares the students for both employment opportunities and/or graduate studies in the field of information technology, management information systems, or other related fields.

BSIT Degree Program Outcomes:

  • PLO1. Apply concepts, theories, and analytical methods in the functional areas of business and IT. 
  • PLO2. Demonstrate an understanding of computer architecture in order to have a greater insight of how computer hardware and software function. 
  • PLO3. Design and develop programs for the computer, web, and mobile platforms.
  • PLO4. Build databases to improve the management of information. 
  • PLO5. Apply networking principles to manage communications among computers.
  • PLO6. Apply social networking and media to improve the communication to desired individuals and/or organizations. 
  • PLO7. Apply IT security principles to protect data for individuals and organizations.
  • PLO8. Demonstrate an understanding of current technology trends
  • PLO9. Develop a fundamental understanding of business practices and organizational functions 
  • PLO10. Demonstrate effective collaboration and teamwork skills.

Level and Type of Research Required: Bachelor Level


Mastery and application of quantitative and qualitative business research methodologies involving real world case studies and academic research assignments throughout the completion of the core curriculum of the bachelor’s degree programs.