Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Mr. Steven Blackmon, Chair
Dr. Maureen McKenzie
Dr. JoAnn Rolle
Mr. Shane Etzwiler
Mr. Curtis Finnicum

  • Ex-officio Members:
    • Dr. Paul Eidson
    • Dr. Scott Eidson

NOTE: The Board meets each January, June, and November. Concerns or questions from stakeholders must be provided no later than the last day of the preceding month before the upcoming meeting. Stakeholders can mail their questions or concerns to Apollos University, ATTN: Mr. Steve Blackmon, 600 Central Ave, Suite 215, Great Falls, MT 59401 or via email to Documents must have the stakeholder's name and email address so the Board can respond back to the requestor after the meeting.

Executive Officers

Dr. Paul Eidson, Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Scott Eidson, President, COO
Dr. Michelle Fox, Executive Vice President, Student Services
Dr. Robin Westerik, Executive Vice President and Provost, CAO
Dr. Kelly Lancaster, Executive Vice President, Administration, CFO

Key Faculty and Staff

  • Dr. Kelly Nix, Vice President and Dean, School of Business and Management
  • Dr. Paul Eidson, Dean/Chair, DBA Program and Vice President, School of Professional Development
  • Dr. Kelly Lancaster, Chair, Business and Management 
  • Dr. Nischal Chandra, Chair, Information Technology & Chief AI Officer, CAIO 
  • Dr. Scott Eidson, Chair, General Education Department
  • Dr. Amanda Cerar-Derbish, Vice President, Human Resources
  • Mr. Ben Watson, Vice President Marketing Strategies & Innovation
  • Dr. Marva Young, Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer, CDO
  • Dr. Amanda Cerar-Derbish, Vice President Human Resources
  • Dr. George Conley, Director Military and Veteran Affairs
  • Ms. Jacqui Bartek, Director Library Services
  • Ms. Regina Burckhalter, Registrar
  • Ms. Paola Romero-Lopez, Administration, Admissions and Student Engagement
  • Ms. Sue Baldwin, Director, Finance & Bursar
  • Mr. Brian Woznicki, Director, Media Production