Military, Veterans, & Public Servants

Military, Veterans, & Public Servants

15 Percent Reduction in Tuition
Veterans, Military, Police Officers, Firemen, and Their Families

APOLLOS is honored to serve America’s Veterans, Military, Police Officers, Firemen, and their families.  A large number of our faculty, adjunct faculty, and staff are Veterans who understand the special needs of those who work to keep America safe. Therefore, we have developed a special “USA Service Program” where we provide a 15 percent tuition reduction to all Veterans, Military, and Police Officers, and Firemen that either no longer qualify for educational benefits or seek a degree that is not covered.  This same “USA Service Program” also provides the immediate families of Veterans, Military, Police Officers, and Firemen the same 15 percent tuition reduction.  

Additional advantages of the “USA Service Program” are:
  • Application Fee is waived
  • Maximum transfer of credits
  • Credit transfer fees are waived
  • 15% reduction of “Challenge Exams”

For more information on the “USA Service Program” please contact or call 406-799-1515 and let Apollos help you reach your academic goals. 

Apollos strives to maintain the lowest possible tuition rates while maintaining the highest quality of education available.  Our mission is to support our students so they can increase their knowledge which will help position our alumni for better professional opportunities while reducing the need to incur large student loans.  In our effort to maintain a low tuition rate, we made the decision to not participate in TITLE IV Financial Aid programs due to the added cost that must be passed on to our students.  Unfortunately, Tuition Assistance (TA) and Veterans Benefits programs are now tied to TITLE IV and so Apollos military students and Veterans are not allowed to have the Military or Veterans Administration pay for their tuition at Apollos.
Earn Your Degree Online While Serving Your Country.

You serve our country and Apollos is honored to be able to serve you. Study with Apollos and be a member of a university that is student centered and dedicated to providing students with an education that can be applied immediately. Apollos is “Accredited, Accessible, Attainable, and Affordable.” Your education is offered completely online and you can study anywhere you have access to the Internet. 

Armed Forces Family Discounts

As part of our commitment to the Armed Forces family, spouses and children of active duty military service members receive a 15 percent tuition discount.

Transfer Credit and Credit for Military Training

Apollos allows transfer of credit hours for prior credits received at other accredited institutions. The following is a list of the maximum number of credits that can be transferred into Apollos.   
  • Associate Level: Up to 15 courses (45 credits)
  • Bachelor Level: Up to 30 courses (90 credits)
  • Master Level: Up to 6 courses (18 credits)
  • Doctoral Level: Up to 3 courses (9 credits)

Questions or Application Assistance

Dr. George Conley Jr, Director of Military and Veterans Affairs ( or 406-799-1515) is dedicated to answering questions you may have.  You can also contact Apollos at

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